Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Rama-Shinta (love story)

I watched Rama-Shinta show in prambanan temple last saturday. That was amazing. That was the first time for me to watch it. The story of prince RAMA from the kingdom of AYODYA, the incarnation of God VISHNU, he is a wise man, faithful husband struggling to free his beautiful wife, SHINTA, who had been abducted by the ogre King RAHWANA.
gamelan music and sinden made the show perfectly. so love story is not only about Romeo and Juliet but also Rama-Shinta. So proud of Indonesia :)

Sabtu, 17 April 2010

2010 April Seven 17 right na. what an old. but it was great :D i got many surprises on my birthday from my buddies. here's the first surprise came from my b******

look at my face. its full of cake. eugh. but I DO REALLY LOVE IT.

And the second one came from my best friends, my family, my everything. haha. they took me to my elementary school and it was remind me about my childhood T_T

anyway they closed my eyes on the road. so i couldn't see around. hihi
thats not enough, after that they took me to a place that we usually visit for having fun. guess what? thats jogging park. yeah. then taraaaaaa! BIRTHDAY CAKE AGAIN. wuhuuuuuuuuuuu(small cake but brings BIG WISHES,BIG LOVES,and BIG HAPPINESS)

i don't know why they had such unique ideas for ma birthday *_*
after i arrived at my home,i was surfing on the internet AND THEY SUDDENLY CAME AND READY WITH 2nd BIRTHDAY CAKE. How sweet :")

i dont have a big 17 birthday party like others, i just treated them all in one of seafood resto in ancol,but it was SO SPECIAL anyway. And so thank you for your coming guys :)